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Enterprise Content Management

Our New Jersey based Enterprise Content Management services division (ECM) enables customers to organize, capture, manage, retrieve, integrate, distribute, and store content. This content includes documents, images, records, product information, emails, website pages, and any other important information related to their business. HCE’s ECM services help reduce an organization’s total document management expense and increase profits by optimizing the business process through a migration away from paper. Utilizing one of our efficient, digital solutions, organizations and businesses in New Jersey, New York, and other regions in the Tri-State area can easily manage and quickly retrieve digitized files from their servers or a hosted cloud service.

HCE’s Enterprise Content Management team of experienced, well-trained staff will collaborate with you to come up with an effective strategy for storing the huge amount of information constantly being produced within your organization. We’ll figure out the best methods and processes for capturing, managing, and retrieving this information as well. A well-planned Enterprise Content Management process gives your organization the right foundation for information and content to move efficiently between those who need it and how long they’ll use it, as well as a clear understanding of what and where the information is. It’s important to note that business process optimization may also reduce regulatory and legal exposure by providing the tools to accurately respond to compliance, legal and financial requests in a timely manner. HCE’s ECM division provides both on and off-site document scanning services to public and private sector customers in New Jersey, New York and the surrounding areas.

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Enterprise Content Management / Document Scanning

  • Document Scanning Services are performed at your location or at our secure production center.
  • Initial Assessment and ROI Analysis
  • Back-File Document Conversion
  • Document Inventory
  • Go-Forward Document Conversion
  • Data Entry and Records Indexing
  • Mail Management
  • Custom Application Development
  • Implementation, Training and Support
  • Remote (Cloud) Hosting
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Microfilm - Digital images converted to microfilm rolls.
  • Digital Conversion of large format drawings


Our experience working with many customers in various verticals has allowed HCE to provide Enterprise Content Management solutions that remove dependence on paper, streamline business operations, increase productivity, and reduce compliance or legal risks for organizations.

If you have a business or any other kind of organization in the Tri-State area, including New York and New Jersey, get in touch with HCE’s Enterprise Content Management division today. You can trust our experience and expertise in helping to optimize all of your information using our quality content management services.